Photo Gallery

Some highlights from our 2019-20 Season!

Sasha Ono joined us as Conductor of the String Ensemble in 2019!
String Ensemble Members perform for seniors on Valentine’s Day!
CIMF Fall Chamber Workshop Ensemble
Symphony Orchestra Brass & Percussion!
Katherine on Violin!
2019-2020 String Ensemble, Conductor Sasha Ono
Violist Coleman Hoffner, 2020 Concerto Competition Winner!
Diana on Flute – performed with Wind Ensemble & Symphony Orchestra!
Maestro Eric Mahl!
Abby, Co-Principal on Cello!
Our Beginning Band students come together in the spring on Zoom!
Lauren – Concert Master for Fall 2019 & Emilie – Concert Master for Winter 2020 – Bravo!
Hayden on Cello!
Sompour, a leader in our Wind Ensemble, on clarinet
Catie & Matiya on Violin in the String Ensemble
2019-20 Symphony Orchestra, Conductor Eric Mahl!
Board Member, David Wolfe, joins the Wind Ensemble for their Winter Concert.
Ann on Violin!
2019-20 Wind Ensemble, Conductor Albert Montecalvo
Benjamin on Percussion!
Nicola on Violin!
Auden & Klara on Cello!