WCYO 2023 College Scholarship

Laurie Kenagy, WCYO Board President (left) and Jackie Joyner, Vice
President (right) with Graham Litz, 2022 College Scholarship Winner

Beginning in 2019, WCYO families, board members and staff came together to provide two college scholarships to graduating seniors totaling $1,500. The awards were decided based on a short essay submission specific to a question related to their lives as musicians. The Board of Directors did a blind review of each essay and awarded the scholarships at our season finale. It accomplished three things. First and foremost, it helped one of our members with college expenses. It also helped build a sense of community within the member families, and provided the Board of Directors and staff of WCYO insight into the value that WCYO and music has in the lives of our youth musicians. A tradition was born and WCYO, with primary support from our membership, now provides a $1,000 scholarship annually.

WCYO would like to thank the following families for supporting this year’s scholarship program to be awarded on June 4th, 2023 at our season finale:

Thank you to the Arnolds, Castelluccis, Dziurdzinskis, Escaravages, Guptas, Juans, Kovacs, Lugos, Masottas, Murdocks, Nittis, Pengs, Phillips, Rossis, Sujitos, Sullivans, Trotter, Yurkovskys, Carons, Curts, Feldshteyns, Lippmans, Narasimhas, Reitzens, Thorntons, Bernards, Catalanos, Halls, Knispels and Peddintis.